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About The Practice

 The Practice is not a space, it's a mindset to strive for fulfillment. The practice is like a toolbox filled with resources to cultivate growth. At The Practice, we strive for more. We practice to grow. 

The name of "The Practice" reflects the idea that fulfillment is a journey, not a destination. We provide the tools, you bring the curiosity and the desire to grow. We're looking forward to sharing a practice with you. 


About The Founder

Anita Kaneti

Experienced Coaching Professional

Following her corporate career consecutively at Microsoft and PwC, Anita received a request to mentor Oxford University students. Doing so for over six years demonstrated how wonderful it felt to  be a visitor in someone else's journey to self discovery and actualization. Anita has since began her own journey of self actualization through an ICF accredited professional coaching programme. Recognized by ICF, awarded by a number of institutes, Anita has been successfully coaching clients of different backgrounds and facilitating their growth journeys to achieve their goals.

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What is a coach?

A professional coach is an effective listener that creates space for the client to have increased self-awarenesses in order to fill gaps in their thinking styles to reach an agreed upon goal.

What does this mean?

Essentially a coach is the person that listens to you actively and helps you to hear yourself through your own voice. This helps you to recreate your story in parts you wish to do so. 




The purpose of coaching is to unlock individuals' potential to live their best life.
Coaching has been celebrated as an effective way to reach goals and upgrade to the next version of oneself. Coaching is also known to boost self-confidence, improve work performance, and build healthier relationships. Unlike therapy that focuses on working with the past, coaching focuses on what can be done now and how can future be planned in order to work towards one's ideals. This is a practical, result oriented approach and allows individuals to achieve their goals in the shortest amount possible.


Anyone can be coached but it is not correct to assume that one would need coaching. Coaching assumes that all individuals are whole and complete. One might need to systematically approach certain situations in order to grow towards their next version. Coaching sessions provide the listening ear and the logical outlook to be the sounding board in these situations.


We all have times in our lives in which we need to make a decision; or when we are finally ready to take the necessary steps to work towards a specific goal (whether it's losing weight, building a healthy relationship or finally moving countries); or we are at a crossroad in life (starting our careers, deciding to settle down, bringing someone new into the team)... We all have that thing we want to bring into our lives that is not there right now. All of these can be topics to bring into a coaching session in order to see the existing thinking styles that might not be taking you to where you can get to. Another reason to do so would be in order to examine your ways and plan together different steps.

There is no clear answer to who can be coached, why or when. There is only a widely accepted understanding that everyone could use a coach in different times of their lives. One could argue that being coached helps take you from who you are today to who you want to be tomorrow in a more successful and carefully planned way. 


I am trained as a professional coach through a holistic, evidence and research based academic methodology. 

As a result of my prior corporate career; my services are frequently requested for career coaching.

In addition, due to my research efforts in building healthy relationships, relationship coaching is often an area of focus too.

It is important to note that each coaching session has a set agenda but there are no rigid lines between different areas in one's life. Sometimes we start off with a focus in one's career area that might be interlinked with a relationship challenge. Therefore, in a way, all coaching sessions might be perceived as life coaching sessions. 


Absolutely! Prior to starting our sessions with any client I set a 15 minutes call to understand what their goals and expectations are and to align on the path forward. If you have any further questions this is also a great opportunity to raise them.


We designed a self-compassionate planner and a mindful morning journal to offer guidance in anyone's self development journey. Read more about them here.

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