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Journalling for a better you

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Plan and be efficient and do all that self-compassionately

We designed this planner for it to be a guidebook for self-compassionate planning. The idea is to plan our days in order for it to be prioritised well and filled with things that are important to us. It is equally important for us not to beat ourselves down when things don’t go as planned. There you go: self- compassionate planning. According to research, nearly two-thirds of professionals globally write to-do lists, but 41% percent of all to-do list items never actually get done. Let’s work towards a better system to ensure you get what you want out of your days and feel good about yourself in the process. Research also shows that if we plan for the next day from the evening before and sleep over our to-do list, we’re more likely to get the important things done. That’s why we say, tomorrow starts today.


Start your day with intention

I got to see that, one of the most effective ways for my clients to get there is to simply write some of their thoughts down. In particular in form of morning journaling. That’s what brings us here.

I designed this journal after years of trying different techniques and seeing what worked best for me and my clients. This journal is designed using two criteria: simplicity (ease of use so that you can be consistent in your journaling) and psychological impact (so that you can think the right way to become the person you want to become).

The idea is to start your day focusing on yourself. Take the time to bring light to your values. Very often our judgement is clouded by our daily interactions and today’s priorities. It is easy to forget our core beliefs and longer-term goals. However, we have the right tools within us to take us to where we need to get to.

Let’s make time to focus on ourselves and bring out our true self because there is no one else that can live our lives for us.


From you

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