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Professional Coaching


I am trained as a professional coach through a holistic, evidence and research based academic methodology. 

As a result of my prior corporate career; my services are frequently requested for career coaching as well as start-up coaching.

In addition, due to my research efforts in building healthy relationships, relationship coaching is often an area of focus too.

It is important to note that each coaching session has a set agenda but there are no rigid lines between different areas of the coachee's life. Sometimes we start off with a focus in one's career area that might be interlinked with a relationship challenge. Therefore, in a way, all coaching sessions might be perceived as life coaching sessions. 



40% of Fortune 500 companies offer their staff coaching as a benefit. Studies show that both employee productivity and satisfaction increase significantly after coaching sessions. There are two main reasons behind this. First, coaching helps employees see clearly where they can get to, how they will make best use of their talents and build solid strategies for development.  Secondly, coaching is a way for employees to really feel cared about. And we all know, that increases job satisfaction, employee morale and increases the wish to contribute in deeper levels and to go above and beyond. 

Having worked with numerous startups as part of my capital raise advisory career and being part of two startups internally, I have gained additional strengths that have proven useful in this field. Set-up an intake session to find out more about how you can give the best gift to your employees. 



Whether at the beginning of a career or at a cross-road later on,  many clients benefit from focusing on their direction, setting or re-setting goals and working towards a future path that is in line with their skills and passions.

My corporate experience with PwC and Microsoft in addition to the work I'm doing with Oxford University make career coaching be one of my main areas of focus. 

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